Tuesdayyyy Week 2


I’m feeling great today! I overslept for work by accident but I felt great when I woke up because I really needed the sleep! Then I worked 9:30-1 and then went for a facial and skin consultation with a Medical Esthetician. She’s amazing and she’s teaching me all about how to take care of my skin and it’s already improving so much I’m so happy.

Continuing to do well with the dieting (not so much the exercise unfortunately but that will come!)

Breakfast: chobani yogurt (150cal)

Snack: protein bar (190cal) & cup of green tea

Lunch: chobani yogurt (150cal)

Dinner: apricot mustard glazed pork tenderloin, mac & cheese, broccoli and green beans

Other: crystal light between lunch and dinner, tea after dinner


total cals less than 1200 (approx)


Planning on weighing in tomorrow! I’ve been eating a ton of protein and it definitely works on curbing my appetite 🙂


Also planning on doing some gentle stretching before exercise tonight because my body has been a little sore!


proud of myself, feeling clean and healthy and natural and lots to look forward to 



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