Hello, world!


Hello, world!

The only appropriate way to begin this blog is by sharing the quote that inspired me to begin this today:

“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.” –Karen Lamb

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a while, and today I saw this quote on a pin on one of my new favorite websites, pinterest.com –the quote really spoke to me; it made me realize that a month of this so far amazing year has already gone by, and it’s too late to waste another day of it. So I Google-d the quote to see who said it, and oddly enough it led me to a blog! I thought, alright, tonight I’ve got a date with my laptop.

So that’s what led me here today. I don’t have a theme for my blog. I’m not going to blog specifically about entertainment, photography, diet, books, fitness, etc. I’m just going to blog about whatever the hell I feel like it that day. I’m hoping at the very least it’s a therapeutic exercise to help me unwind, and at the most a nice way to remember each day.

There are a couple thing’s I’d like to share today.

1) I’m currently in the process of trying to do some soul-searching. I’m going to write a blog specifically about this, but I’m in a bit of a life-limbo trying to figure out what I want. Luckily, the majority of people my age seem to be experiencing this, but I’ve come to a cross-roads and each path has a fork. We’ll get to that.

2) Like most people (of any age) I’m trying to get in shape. Now that I’ve been graduated from college for over 6 months it’s time to shed the belly-jiggle that I proudly acquired in my last few months at school. I wouldn’t change a second of my senior year of college and I would gladly gain 30lbs just to spend a week at beloved 18 Shumway, but it’s time to get my pre-debauchery body back. Sadly, I don’t have the time or money to join a gym right now, so I’m trying to convert myself into one of those work-out at home people. I’ll keep you update on how that one goes.

3) In 18 days I am surprising my boyfriend, Mike, with the BEST birthday present ever. (Okay, not going to lie, it’s like a present for me too) His roommate from college, Craig, lives in Chicago and for Mike’s birthday we’re going to visit him. My roommate, Katie, is coming too; it’s going to be f*ck!ng amazing!!  I’ll share details when we get closer… but I’m so thrilled because Mike is going to be SO surprised (he hates surprises) and so happy, I’ve never been to Chicago, and Katie, Craig & Mike are some of my favorite people.

Well, that’s a good start I guess.

Tomorrow marks the start of Fab-Ab February with Katy at work! (I’ll post the details of that tomorrow.)




Horoscope for 2/1/2012: ‘Facing up to difficulties will  actually pave the way to success.’


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