Tuesdayyyy Week 2


I’m feeling great today! I overslept for work by accident but I felt great when I woke up because I really needed the sleep! Then I worked 9:30-1 and then went for a facial and skin consultation with a Medical Esthetician. She’s amazing and she’s teaching me all about how to take care of my skin and it’s already improving so much I’m so happy.

Continuing to do well with the dieting (not so much the exercise unfortunately but that will come!)

Breakfast: chobani yogurt (150cal)

Snack: protein bar (190cal) & cup of green tea

Lunch: chobani yogurt (150cal)

Dinner: apricot mustard glazed pork tenderloin, mac & cheese, broccoli and green beans

Other: crystal light between lunch and dinner, tea after dinner


total cals less than 1200 (approx)


Planning on weighing in tomorrow! I’ve been eating a ton of protein and it definitely works on curbing my appetite 🙂


Also planning on doing some gentle stretching before exercise tonight because my body has been a little sore!


proud of myself, feeling clean and healthy and natural and lots to look forward to 



Valentine’s Dinner!


My Mom is an amazing chef & this Valentine’s Day she knew the perfect way to get to mine, dad & brad’s hearts! Not to mention my favorite wine was part of the ensemble…too good to be true! 🙂

For Valentine’s Day my parents got me the 2nd book of the Hunger Games series…guess I should get around to reading the first!!

Homemade shrimp and vodka sauce



homemade brownie sundaes!



This week hasn’t been the most diet friendly, I’ll admit.

Monday morning made myself an egg & cheese on toast…for lunch had a chobani and granola…and then had chili & cornbread for dinner at like 10pm. Meh, whatever. Work was the usual, after work I went shopping to find a couple things for Mike for Chi and ended up finding him a winter coat at TJ Max for $15! woo!

Tuesday… VALENTINE’S DAY! For breakfast had the rest of my fruit cup from Friday, then for a snack had my chobani and some granola. For lunch had some soup then had an amazing  homemade Valentine’s dinner! Mom made shrimp with vodka sauce & fettucine, fresh salad, italian bread & my fave wine Santa Margherita! Then for dessert homemade brownie sundaes. SPOILED!!!

I woke up to the cutest  text from MK. I’m gonna put it in here because I don’t wanna forget it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweety!  I miss you and love you! Ive been sittin in the lib all night thinking of what

to say for valentines day cause I’m a loser and fell asleep and missed the last bus.

i decided to just write down all the stuff about you i love…you’re prob the nicest person I know.

you’re genuine which is something i really admire. you are focused an intelligent. youre a buttface…o shit. nvm cross that out!!!

umm…honestly you have one of the cutest faces ever! you give great back massages.

you’re caring, humble, and kind. you are relatable and everyone likes you.

you’re wholesome and a great sister, daughter, and gf. Logan def. loves you.

you are incredibly thoughtful and loyal. and you are probably the best listener

i have ever met in my life! i love you.

AAAAWWWWW!!! How could you not wanna give someone that sweet the most amazing birthday ever!?!


Mike texted me this morning and said that he just realized he doesn’t have school on Monday because it’s Presidents Day and that he wishes I could take work off so we could celebrate his birthday together that day…. little does he know! mwahaha

So tonight I have to pack, which I’ve been dreading. I can only bring one backpack….EEEK! I’ve got most of Mike’s stuff ready but I’m gonna try to sneak into his apartment on Friday while he’s still in class.

Here’s the finalized plan:

Friday–i work until noon, head up to Amherst as usual & go to Mike’s apt. & finishing my packing & put the bags in the car. Pick him up from class at 3:20 & do my best to act natural. Friday night we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day since we couldn’t be together yesterday so I’m assuming we’ll either go to Chili’s or House of Teriayki and then a movie or something…. the whole night I’m gonna be thinking ::OMGGGG:: & experiencing MAYJAH butterflies.

Saturday–wake Mike up at 8:30ish, tell him to get ready we have to go because I have a birthday surprise for him (he’s probably going to be rather agitated hahah) We’ll get in the car and then go to Dunkin’ Donuts & then drive to Shrewsbury to Katie’s house. Upon arrival at Katie’s he’s going to get confused, especially once we get in the car with her Dad hahah. He’s probably going to assume that we’re planning a surprise for him with all his friends in Boston. Once he’s fully agitated we’re going to give him the card with the poem/pics & reveal the surprise. We’re gonna try to catch it on camera and hopefully strike YouTube gold.

But seriously, I’m so excited to see his reaction, I may cry hahaha!

I may post between now and then, but most likely not. I’ve given up on my diet for now because who wants to diet in Chicago when I’m spending the weekend with my best friends in the land of deep dish pizza sorry, not happening. I will resume when I return, because when I do, there’s gonna be less than a month until Mike and I go to Florida! SO MANY GOOD THINGS HAPPENING!!!

WELPPPP talk to ya in a week…hopefully this all goes off without a hitch; wish me luck!

Okay I admit, I’m a slacker…


But I have a little bit of an excuse… my laptop seems to have died? It did this weird thing where the screen turned blue & had some error message & told me to promptly shut down the computer, which I did, and then when I turned it back on it was just loading realllyyy slow & then the screen turned grey & it wouldn’t respond to me pushing the button trying to turn it off! So what did I do? I unplugged the battery and let it die the old fashioned way (and now I’m too afraid to try to turn it on in fear that it may have officially $hit the bed.)

Alas excuses, excuses but here we are again.

So I was doing fairly well last week posting my food….the last day I blogged was Thursday so I’ll pick it up from there I suppose.

Thursday night I ended up sleeping at my lady K8Caccis house… where we sipped Merlot (the 2 buck chuck variety) & watched murder mysteries… a perfect night in our eyes.

Friday was pretty much amazing… Katy brought me breakfast which was a fruit cup from whole foods & their Dark Chocolate Granola (Back to Nature Chocolate Delight) & both she and BMosh brought me iced coffees from Dunks… *winning!!*

I worked until noon & then I had an interview at Bay State College in Boston. I’m currently in the process of trying to choose between PTA at Bay State & DPT at Simmons… decisions, decisions….

After my interview I was feeling, to say the least, stressed. & of course I ended up taking it out on MK… poor kid, don’t know how he deals sometimes (I’m really so lucky he puts up with my irrational BS) . . .to relieve some stress I joined Amy for a walk. We ended up walking for an hour which I realllllyy needed so I felt much better after that. Then I went out to dinner with my Mom, Dad, Robby & Brad. I got a Mediterranean salad with grilled shrimp (which my parents called me a ‘lightweight’ for ordering..welcome to my life) & made up for it with 2 large beers. After dinner I went to Amy’s and we polished off a couple bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (my fave) & watched TV, looked at old pictures, and bitched about life. It was SO needed.

Santa Marg


Saturday morning I woke up and felt like death. I guess I was hungover (oops). So I had a Snapple, some home-made homefries, and an egg sandwich with cheddar on whole wheat bread… then I went home and slummed on the couch for a little bit. Around 2 my lifesaver Katie Davis came over and picked me up and we went to Starbucks. She treated me to a Venti Passion Iced Tea Lemonade and a bacon and gouda breakfast sandwich. Followed by chocolate covered gram-crackers. Basically, she’s a saint.

We spent the rest of the afternoon leaving obnoxious voicemails on our friends’ phones, doing arts and crafts, and stalking NFL players. HAHAH.

We wrote a poem that we put on a giant birthday card for MK.:

Your birthday weekend is finally here

We know you didn’t like being surprised last year

But it was fun for us, so again here we are

Amherst to Shrewsbury, you’ve already come far

We promise this birthday will be like no other

The surprises keep coming one after another

You’re desperate to know your final destination

Well, we’re going on a mini vacation

We’re getting close to Boston as you can see

But that’s not our last stop, unfortunately

That is where we’ll be boarding a plane

And then when we land, we’ll hop on a train

We think you’ll like it there, they have good pizza

Too bad nothing rhymes with pizza…

It’s the land of the Bulls and Kanye West

And a friend of yours, he’s one of the best

When you put it together it won’t make you frown…


We wrote that on the front of a giant poster-board and then filled the inside with pics of MK and Craig and various sights in Chicago. Mike is gonna LOSE it. And I cannot wait.

We were feelin’ young and in the mood to party and the prospects were high. GLO for Shannon/Rebbeca’s Bday, Boston for Emily’s and to see Tim, maybe visit Amy, maybe Boston with Kasey and Katie…. we were excited! Come 7, everything pretty much fell through. What ended up happening is we went to Amherst to go out with MK and Tom Hatch. It was a fun night, we just went to McMurphy’s. Mike and I got into an argument when we got home cause I had been ticked off at him all weekend and then with alcohol involved all the truth came out. Dumb, whatever.

In the morning we got coffee and then went to Bub’s BBQ. I got a Bison Burger & resisted fries, even hungover! Woo go me!

Then we went roller-blading at the Hampshire Mall hahaha, it was actually really fun. We all left around 4 and I had dinner (oops, fried chicken & pasta salad, then ice cream) with my Dad and we talked a lot about his childhood. Overall, very solid weekend.